Presidents Letter to Members: February 2017 Edition

February 2017

What is going on at AIA California Council?

As AIA|SD has the third largest membership in the state so proportionately we qualify for 3 delegates to the AIA California Council Board.  This year our delegates are Dan Stewart, Steven Shinn, and myself.  We attended the first board meeting for 2017 on Feb 10th which was a very interesting and engaging Board Meeting along with representatives of the other 21 AIA Component Chapters.  Some of the topics presented and discussed included:

  • The merits of ADA Continuing Education, and upcoming legislation regarding CASP.
  • Legislation to mandate an architect’s role in Construction Administration.
  • Legislation for the California Building & Standards Commission to adopt a 5-year code cycle.
  • The AIA National Statements on Core Values promoting Architects as Stewards of Civility.
  • The California Housing Crisis as it represents an attack on core human rights and needs.
  • The recommendation to redefine Livable Communities as “Building Bitch’n Neighborhoods!”
  • The necessity to Invite non-AIA members to our conversations on the built environment.
  • Marketing campaign opportunities like the “I Look Up” and a new Twitter campaign.
  • Creation of a Digital Center for Practice with robust data and dashboard based on “AIA Handbook.”
  • Housing Issues: Affordability; Land use entitlements; Indemnification clauses; Liability insurance;
  • New Procurement Models; QBS reaffirming statewide; seek best practices from good agency/clients.
  • Fiscal Resource alternatives for the Council without income from Document Sales.
  • Large State Forum on Feb 2 discussed Core AIA Values in relationship to Trump Government.
  • Emerging Professional and Young Architect Forum activities around the state.
  • Design strategies for AIA to Lead conversation to accomplish Zero Net Energy and the 2030 Plan.
  • National Convention Resolutions: Institute Core Values and Housing.

Your Advocacy Commissioner, Sandy Gramley, will continue to work closely with AIACC V.P. of Legislative Affairs and our Sacramento Lobbyists to craft an appropriate Advocacy Agenda to provide a voice for the architectural professional that reaches your state legislature and has positive impact on your businesses. AIACC’s Government Affairs and its political action committee lobby hard for fair laws and regulations regarding the built environment, promoting design and construction industry leadership, and advocating the vital role architects play in creating livable communities. I hope you will enjoy and benefit from the attachment from Dodge Data & Analytics.

I believe AIA at all levels of the Institute is providing significant benefits to the members, to society and to the built environment.  I hope these initiatives will make the difference in attracting former AIA and other non-AIA members to join in and make our County an extraordinary case study in best practices.

Know that AIASD Executive Director, Bastiaan Bouma, is available to help you connect to the Chapter resources you need.




Philip J. Bona, AIA
2017 President, AIA San Diego