2018 AIA San Diego Slate of Officers and Directors

  • President: Steve Shinn, AIA
  • Immediate Past President: Philip Bona, AIA
  • Vice-President/Pres-Elect: Katherine Lord, AIA
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Sandra Gramley, AIA
  • Advocacy: Lance Hosey, FAIA
  • Public Awareness: Alahe Aldo, AIA
  • Emerging Professionals: David Garcia, Assoc AIA
  • Membership: Michael Robinson, AIA
  • Practice: Randal Ehm, AIA
  • President: Steve Shinn, AIA
  • President-Elect: Katherine Lord, AIA
  • Immediate Past President: Philip Bona, AIA
*The chapter’s three AIACC directors, per our chapter bylaws, are the president, president-elect, and immediate past president. In effect, they are ex-officio positions.


  • Jul 12: Committee nominations due
  • Jul 16: AIASD Board-approved slate mailed to members 60 days before election.
  • Aug 10: Deadline for additional nominations from the members. (Requires five letters/nominations from members in good standing as well as an electronic profile to be distributed to the membership).
  • Aug 25: If no additional nominations received, Board Secretary may cast one ballot on behalf of all members for any/all uncontested seats.
  • Aug 25: Distribute ballots and post electronic profiles. (Only when additional nominations occur.)
  • Sept 7: Deadline for votes to arrive (if a mail ballot has been sent).
  • Sep 14: Annual Meeting/Election if Needed; votes tabulated and President declares elections.

Overview of the Nominating/Election Process for the 2018 Board of Directors


(4.31)       Nominations.  [Committee’s] slate shall be approved by the Board of Directors and published in the Chapter newsletter at least 60 days prior to the election.  Noticed in this same publication will be the qualifications for each officer/director position and a time schedule and procedure that would allow more names to be added to the slate by the general membership. All Institute assigned members, in good standing, may be added to the Nominating Committee’s slate by producing letters from five (5) Institute assigned members (in good standing) nominating him/her for a specific officer or director position. Additional nominations are to be received by the Chapter no later than 25 days
after the mailing of the Chapter’s newsletter announcing the Nominating Committee’s slate. Profiles of all qualified candidates shall be published in the Chapter’s newsletter and mailed to the membership 20 days prior to the election.

(4.32)       Voting; When Required.  If there is only one nominee for any office or directorship, 20 days before the election, the Secretary may cast a ballot for the full number of votes of the membership for the said nominee, whereupon the President shall declare the candidate(s) elected by acclamation. Otherwise, each contested office and directorship shall be placed on ballots for the voting thereof. Such voting shall be by ballot in accordance with the provisions of these bylaws.